7 Lies Nigerian Men Tell Ladies to Make Them Fall – Joro Olumofin

Supertee October 18, 2022
Updated 2022/10/18 at 5:16 PM

Self-proclaimed relationship expert Joro Olumofin took to social media to share 7 lies men use on women that according to him makes women fall 98% of the time. Here’s the 7 lies Joro listed and when and how they’re often used.

Joro Olumofin

It’s sad that 98% of Nigerian ladies always fall for the same Ruse from men:

(1) Iyawo wa (A lot of ladies have been served breakfast, lunch and dinner because of that line “Iyawo wa”.

Iyawo meaning wife is something that a lot of Nigerian ladies love to hear being called. So because men now know this, they often call their girlfriends or any call they’re toasting at the time “iyawo” because they know that it is a word that often makes them melt and forgive any transgression the man may have done.

(2) I wish met you before I met my wife/Gf.

This line is often used on side chicks as a way to make them believe that the current wife of the man they’re having an affair with is the wicked witch he needs to be saved from. They say it to make the side chick feel like she is only ‘saving’ or ‘rescuing’ the man from a terrible marriage he regrets. Most of the time, this is not the case and it is in fact the man that is the problem of the marriage.

(3) I’m very broke at the moment, I invested.

‘Investing’ or any version of that like ‘I just put money in crypto’, ‘I’m doing contribution’ etc is another line that men use on women to get them off their backs when they’re looking for money. Saying outright “I don’t have money” for many men is hard because it makes them seem broke or unable to provide, so instead they use the line ‘I invested’ or ‘I’m investing’ to make it look like there’s something in the pipe line.

(4) LETS SEE HOW IT GOES. I’m not ready for a serious relationship because of heartbreak.

“Let’s see how it goes” a lot of times is used to just keep a situationship exactly where it is – the situationship zone. Men a lot of the times say this when they don’t yet see any prospect with the girl they’re talking to. This is not ALWAYS a lie as some people are genuinely just trying to wait to see how it goes so they see if a bigger spark grows, but then there are sometimes when people just say this to keep a situation exactly the way it is.

(5) She is just my friend.

Sometimes, it is indeed just his friend. All the time, maybe you should still go and investigate.

(6) I’m getting a divorce

Serves the same purpose as the “I wish met you before I met my wife/GF” line from (2).

(7) Just the Tip. I promise just the Tip.

This is often used by men when a woman is not yet fully comfortable with having sex so they say this to make her feel like it’s not really anything, it’s just small, it’s just the tip. A lot of times, when way is then given, it is very rarely just the tip.

Have you used or heard any of these lines? If so let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment

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