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Advertise on and reach your targeted audience/customers. Our marketing teams are ready to push your business to the next level with our rich adverts knowledge and styles.

We have over 5 million monthly visitors all over Africa according to Google analytics stats. We have helped hundreds of business owners, companies push their market to reach wider audience across Africa.

Here are ads type we offer on VoiceSuit.

  1. Pop-up ads banner (Available for both PC and Mobile users) – 300px x 320px.
  2. In feeds ads banner (Available for both PC and Mobile users) – 60 x 320px.
  3. In Articles ads banner (Available for both PC and Mobile users) 320px x 300px.
  4. Side bar ads banner (Available for PC users) 320px x 90px.
  5. Header/Footer ads banner (Available for mobile users) 320px x 300px.
  6. Long-board ads banner (Available for PC users) 100px x auto.
  7. General ads banner (Available for both PC and Mobile users) 300px x 300px.

Other forms of advert include…

  • Video ads.
  • Sponsored Post ads (pinned).
  • Text ads.

To buy a slot cost, N15,000 ($25 for foreigners) for a week, which can be renewed for N10,000 ($15 for foreigners) weekly.

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