BABA IJESHA!! Here Are Warning Signs Of A Child Molester

Child molestation became a trending topic on social media today after popular actor, Baba Ijesha was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for molesting a minor and foster daughter to actress and comedienne, Princess.

Although worries about predators are common, you may fortunately take steps to protect your child. For instance, you should keep an eye out for adults (or even kids) who want to spend time with your child alone or for persons who your child looks uneasy about.
You must take action and report the predator if you do identify him or her. You can probably continue to perform a wonderful job of keeping your child safe if you keep an eye on who they associate with. Remember that not all people who abuse children are adults. But before you declare someone to be a child molester, make sure.

Watch for someone who pays special attention to a child

A predator’s first step is to make a connection with the child. They will typically try to get to know them very well.

Keep an eye out for anyone who asks a child to participate in a solo activity.

If someone tries to approach your child alone, that can be a red flag. They might make an effort to involve your kid in a tempting activity. For instance, they could say, “Hey Sam, I just got some new puppies. Do you want to stop by and play with them on the way home?” You ought to say, “That sounds wonderful. I’ll also go.” Protesting is a warning sign.

If someone discusses inappropriate stuff with a child, pay attention.

Most of the time, predators have little to no concern for societal norms. Consider it a warning flag if your child says that someone told them something inappropriate or sensitive. Adults shouldn’t divulge personal information to children.

Keep an eye out for strange touching.

In your presence, many predators might inadvertently touch a youngster. The goal is to instill in the child the notion that touching is acceptable. Kids typically have quite good intuition when they sense something is wrong with someone. Keep an eye on your youngster to observe if they quiver or stiffen when someone tries to embrace or put an arm over them.

Pay close attention to the online contacts your children make.

Online predators frequently attempt to contact children. Make careful to keep an eye on how much time your child spends using screens. You should be aware of their social media contacts if they use chat rooms of any kind.

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