Everyday Actions We Think We’re Doing Right, but We’re Not

Sometimes, we are so used to doing a certain action that our mind does it automatically as if we were on autopilot. And we rarely stop to think about these everyday things. Most of us, brush our teeth as soon as we finish a meal. However, you will probably be surprised to know that youare not doing your oral health a favor when you do this. But, don’t worry — life is much simpler than you think.

We at Voicesuit decoded the system to find some secret hacks that will make your life easier. After reading this list, you’ll probably realize you were making a few mistakes and, most importantly, that your routine can take an unexpected turn.

1. Eat a cupcake like a pro

To avoid getting all the frosting on your nose, the right way to eat a cupcake is to cut it in a half. Place the bottom at the top and eat it like a sandwich.

2. There’s a proper way to carry your daily cup of coffee.

The most common way to hold a coffee cup is by the handle. But by holding the cup in this way, there is a higher chance that it will spill on your clothes when walking. To avoid this, the best way to hold a coffee mug is to grab it from above with your fingers.

3. Use dental floss to cut a cake and keep the frosting intact.

Floss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cutting a cake. However, using it as replacement for a knife is a great idea when you want to get perfect slices and not ruin the frosting on the cake.

4. Change where you put your eggs.

You’ve surely noticed that most fridges have a spot on the door for storing eggs. But the truth is that the fridge door and its upper shelves are warmer than other areas. So the best place to store eggs, and keep them cooler, would be on the bottom shelf, toward the back.

5. Brush your hair starting from the scalp for a shinier look.

Brushing hair is one of those activities that we do every day. Instead of brushing from the bottom up, brush your hair starting from the scalp. This will help distribute the natural oils in your hair and moisturize it, and also prevent an oily scalp.

6. You can place the cardboard cup carrier over the cup holder of your car and it’ll fit perfectly.

Chances are, when you buy drinks from a fast-food restaurant and then need to drive, you don’t know where to put

the cardboard cup holder. Instead of putting it on the floor or seat, use the car’s cup holder, and it should fit right in.

7. This is the proper way to use a bobby pin.

If you’ve ever had trouble wearing bobby pins because they’re hard to keep in place, the reason is that you might’ve been using them wrong this whole time. The correct way to use them is by pushing them into the scalp with the wavy side down. The ribbing is designed to hold the hair and prevent it from slipping.

8. You don’t need to wait for hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge.

We normally wait for food to cool before putting it in the fridge, but according to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, food should not spend more than 2 hours out of the fridge. Instead, separate large batches of food into smaller containers to cool it quickly and store it immediately.

9. This is how you can save time thawing meat.

For easier and quicker thawing, flatten ground beef in a resealable plastic bag, then freeze. When you’re ready to cook your meat, simply place the bag in water, and it will be ready in minutes.

10. Here’s a way to keep all the toothpaste toward the opening.

A good trick  too help you stop struggling with a tube of toothpaste is to place a bobby pin on each side. You can also use a clip. This will ensure that you get all of the toothpaste without stressing about how to get the last of the product out of the tube.

11. Switch the direction of the ceiling fan seasonally.

Ceiling fans can also be useful during winter. Simplyflip the switch at the base of your fan, so it spins clockwise. This will push hot air down, keeping the room warmer.

12. Let your homemade Jell-O set upside down.

A trick to help you eat your Jell-O easier is to let each one set upside down on the lid. This will make it easier to take and enjoy.

13. This is how to use the colander to drain pasta.

The hack is to place the colander on top of the cooked pasta and the water. After that, hold both the colander and the pasta saucepan. Then pour the water through the colander, and you’re done.

Did any of the hacks on this list make you say “I was today years old when I learned this”? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!