FOREVER FRIEND: Two bonded bunnies will ‘keep you entertained’

Supertee August 13, 2022
Updated 2022/08/13 at 7:34 PM
“They came to us in November 2021, so they’ve been in our care for quite some time now and they were actually found as strays in Toronto,” said THS spokesperson Hannah Sotropa. “The good news is that for the month of August we’re taking 50% off the adoption fees for rabbits, which means you can bring home a bonded pair of bunnies for only $40.”

As for their personalities, Agedashi takes his cues from Shiitake.

“Shiitake is the braver, more exploring type of the two,” said Sotropa. “So he’ll lower his head. He enjoys a good rubbing between his ears and he’s quite affectionate. He’s not afraid to climb right on top of you for a full-body massage.”

As for Agedashi: “He will look for a safer distance for a while until he gets the A-OK from Shiitake that everything’s safe,” said Sotropa.

“What’s really sweet is that Agedashi does, of course, rely on Shiitake, that’s why they’re bonded. When he sees Shiitake being bold and warming up it makes him feel like it’s a safe environment to do so. “

Both love chewing on cardboard boxes and soft plush toys.

“They come and snuggle up for a bunny nap and then they’ll wake up and tear the boxes apart,” said Sotropa. “So they’re quite social little critters. They’ll keep you entertained. You’ll often find the two of them exploring in their area. They’ll play with each other. They cuddle each other. They groom each other. And they’re looking for a home with lots of free roam space.”

The two bunnies, who can live up until 10 years old, require an enclosure measuring four-by-four-by-36, a diet of pelleted food, hay, fruits and vegetables, a lot of out of cage time in a bunny-proof home and backyard, and can be litterbox trained.

“They can live lives very much like cats,” said Sotropa. “They aren’t just critters that live in cages. They really do thrive with having space, having enrichment and having a stimulating environment.”

Sotropa also recommends slow and supervised introductions to any other pets or small children in the home.

Anyone interested in adopting Agedashi & Shiitake, can visit to check available appointment times and start the process.

UPDATE: Mercedes, the one-year-old female Coonhound mix from last month’s Forever Friend column, is on track to being adopted.

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