Top 5 Android App Development Companies In The USA


The advancement of technology is encouraging business owners to gravitate more toward mobile app development. The market share of Android is 71.43% which depicts why most businesses pick Android platforms for their business.

Business owners often get stuck when finding a suitable Android app development Company.

The blog mentions the list of the top 5 Android app development companies in the USA that you can look up to for your app development.

Founded in 2011, AppsChopper is a well-established mobile app development company with expertise in Android app development. The company has offices in New York, Walpole, and Boston.

The company has expertise in developing scalable, reliable, and secure Android apps for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. Developers working at AppsChopper are experienced and completed more than 500 app projects.

Professionals working at AppsChopper can work with every company, including startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies. They leverage Java & Kotlin technology to build high-performing Android apps for a better user experience.

Top clientele of AppsChopper are Motorola, Revlon, D-Link, HP, Vodafone, etc. Apart from developing high-end Android apps, AppsChopper has expertise in developing iOS PWA, react, flutter, and other apps.

Another Android app development company that you can look up to is ZCO. ZCO is incorporated with 200+ app developers with expertise in developing high-end mobile apps. The company has Headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire, and an office in Boston.

Developers working at ZCO agency use Java & Kotlin technologies to build Android apps as per the business requirements. The top clientele of ZCO is Keystone, Bushnell, GolfLogix, Super Draft, etc.

Established in 2004, STRV is a well-established mobile app development company based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Prague. The agency has expertise in developing Android apps using Java or Kotlin technology and designing an aesthetically-pleasing app’s user interface for better UX.

Since its inception, STRV has delivered more than 70 mobile apps for every industry from different niches, like financial services, eCommerce, and education.

STRV offers a broad range of other development services, including web, iOS, and cross-platform app development. Harbor, Branes, Noble, and Still Life are some of the top clientele of STRV.

Blue Label Labs
Another Android app development company is Blue Label Labs, founded in 2009. The company is based in New York, with Seattle and San Francisco offices. Developers of the company follow a proper development method and have worked with almost 300 businesses.

The company has served startups along with Fortune 500 companies belonging to different industry niches. Blue Label Labs has 50+ experienced app developers and developed over 100 Android apps.

ArcTouch is a well-established Android app development company established in 2008 with offices in San Francisco, Calif., New York, and Florianópolis, Brazil. The company has expertise in developing Android apps with a pleasing user interface.

Developers at ArcTouch plan a complete app development strategy, visualize the app design, create app prototyping, and conduct app testing for a smoother user experience. They even keep the clients in the loop and take their suggestions.

If you want to elevate your business growth or brand name, you can choose the Android platform for developing a high-performing mobile app. However, you must consider a well-established mobile app development company with expertise in Android app development.

I have mentioned the top 5 Android app development companies in the USA after researching. I hope the blog was helpful for you and assisted you in finding a suitable app development company as per your business requirements.