If You Don’t Have Money, Don’t Go Close To A Woman – DO YOU AGREE?

Imagine a single, broke brother in your head. He can be a full-time student who relies on financial aid, a recent graduate who is working a low-paying job but underemployed, or a man who is just out of work and looking for work right now.

The man in your mind’s eye is very single, attempting to organize his life, and, like the majority of single people in any socioeconomic reality, seeking a love relationship.

Aware that building a relationship with a woman is effectively off the table because his intrinsic worth must be actualized through establishing himself as a success, this brother continues his grind with a more singular focus because he is constantly told that he needs to be successful—a genuinely subjective concept—in order to add value to a woman’s life. He gives up on his earlier objective of finding a compatible companion and settles for simply amusing chance encounters until he gets “where he wants to be.”

He realizes that broke men hold no value, and in this society “value” isn’t just a synonym for worth, but rather a wholesale evaluation of his masculinity. And in a world where so many of us struggle to define and accept what our masculinity truly means to us, he blindly ties his masculinity to a dollar figure, material possessions, and/or a job title.

Here is the kicker, the society also believes that a broke man shouldn’t have sex. In fact, he shouldn’t be in any kind of relationship.

Popular Nigerian singer, Timaya, also iterated to men that “If you don’t have money, don’t go close to women”. See his post below:

Do you agree with his position on this issue?