LET’S DISCUSS!! What Has Long Distance Relationship Taught You?

Supertee September 4, 2022
Updated 2022/09/04 at 9:09 AM

Love is a beautiful thing.

It just happens naturally.

It goes on to work better if both partners have real feelings for each other.

However there is always a concerning topic in the dating world which comes in the form of Long Distance Relationship.

For some, Distance relationship is the perfect way to test the fabrics of a relationship. Through lack of physical contact, commitment can built.

There’s also the anticipation of when both Lovers will meet which makes it worthwhile and something to look forward to.

However for others, Distance relationship is a scam, prone to cheating and just won’t work.

One Man’s food is another Man’s poison the saying goes.

We want your take on this everyone

What Has Long Distance Relationship Taught You?

Let’s hear from you all

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  • Distance relationship has it good and bad side but I think the bad effect of it is the common.
    I had my own share of it,it’s wasn’t a palatable one

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