3 Conditions That Can Cause Saggy Breast In Women

3 Conditions That Can Cause Saggy Breast In Women

Saggy breast is part of a change in women but when it happens when a woman is still very young, it can be embarrassing. Every woman prefers to have firm breasts over saggy breasts it improves their beauty as women and also gives them boldness.

A lady with a firm breast may fit in any kind of clothing she chooses to wear but a lady with a saggy breast may not. So let’s look at some of the things that can make a woman’s breast fall or sag.

According to a publication on Healthline, there are certain conditions that can make a woman, most especially a young lady have saggy breasts. This very common condition has ravaged the confidence of so many women and therefore we will be looking at those things so they can be avoided.

If you follow these steps that would be listed here, it may help work on yourself so you can avoid having a saggy breast condition.

Studies have shown that there are different things that can cause saggy breasts in women. Some of them may include;

1. Manage a healthy weight. Gaining too much weight is not a good habit but some of our young ones may be ignorant of this and among other side effects of it, it causes the skin to stretch and sag.

2. Wear a bra that fits. Have a bra that fits all your activities such as work, sports, and relaxation. Your bra can affect your breast in so many ways so chose your bra wisely most especially when you want to go jogging as a bra that does not fit will make your breast bounce too much and causes it to sag.

3. Quit smoking: Smoking weakens the collagen level in your skin making it not to be firm. And also, smoking stimulates the aging process so you need to quit smoking if you want to maintain a firm breast.

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