Voicesuit Membership


Most of our daily life tasks, communication, and enjoyment now depend chiefly on the internet.

Become a member and start earning while reading news daily.


The internet will continue to make your life better, entertained and productive as long as you have enough mobile data available. Mobile data is what allows your phone to get online and surf the internet for either business, making money online, or getting entertained while connecting with families and friends on social media.

If you have been looking for ways to reduce cost and get enough mobile data for free, we have got you covered as we introduce Voicesuit.com.

Voicesuit is a news platform to keep you updated while you also earn daily.

You can request your money to your mobile phone or withdraw it as a cash equivalent to your bank account.

How It Works

Membership access cost only ₦3,500 one time payment. Upon successful registration, you will be credited ₦500.

After registration, login to your account and read news update while you earn up to ₦2,000 daily.

You will earn ₦3 per news, limited to 10 news daily.


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