SAY THE TRUTH!! How Much Are You Owing Loan Apps In Nigeria?

Hello Guys,

There is nothing to be ashamed about borrowing especially when you don’t have enough credit.

Debts are part and parcel of the economy. Debts plays such an integral part of economic progress, it must be measured appropriately to convey the long-term impact it presents.

My own story was 👇

I was sick recently and had no dime to treat myself so I decided to seek favor from a loan app (I will not reveal their name) in Nigeria. I borrowed about N40,000.


Unfortunately I delayed repayment due to a reason and next thing I know these people started texting all my contacts on whatsapp.

It was so embarrassing. My crush, brothers and everyone started messaging me that they got a message I was a wanted fraudster on the run. That thing pain me but I learnt a bitter lesson that day.

Just be careful who you borrow money from when you in distress

So guys,

How Much Are You Owing Loan Apps In Nigeria?

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