THE ISLAND OF NO RETURN!! A Look At The Strange Island In Africa Where Anyone Who Steps Foot There VANISHES

Supertee September 5, 2022
Updated 2022/09/05 at 5:11 PM

The name of the ordinary-looking island in Kenya , nestled on Lake Rudolf, is Envaitenetwhich translates to ‘No Return’.

This name is sufficient to make anyone feel uneasy upon sighting it.

The island is only a few kilometers long and wide, and the locals do not live on the island because they think the place was cursed, and the people who go there will disappear mysteriously and will never go back.

In accordance with a legend’s account, every person who sets foot on this enigmatic island will vanish and will never return.

In 1935, an English explorer named Vivian Fuchs, alongside two of his colleagues, reportedly decided to journey to the island in order to confirm the story behind it.

Interestingly, several years passed, the reality that none of them returned from the island gave credence to the speculations that surrounds the enigmatic area.

Even though some humans believe there are extraterrestrial beings on the island that abduct all people who get too close to them, the accepted Kenyan perception is that folks who descend into the massive crater on the Island’s core might be struck with the aid of thunder and lightning as a result of their moves.

Taking a study of some of the images taken with the help of aeroplanes flown over the island, there is a visibility of something within the middle that seems like a hut.

However, because no person has been able to enter or go out of those shelters alive, no one knows the true phenomenon behind the Island.

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