WARMINGTON: Peel cops retrieve handgun No. 7 at nightclub

Supertee August 13, 2022
Updated 2022/08/13 at 7:31 PM
While it was lucky there wasn’t another shooting, it was unlucky for the suspect they pulled the loaded gun from. He will have more than just gun charges to deal with.

“The man arrested  was on federal parole,” said a police source.


Allegedly carrying a handgun was definitely against the release conditions.

Police, who have put out a public safety advisory to tell the public about the danger and risks that go with attending this club at Eglinton St. W. near Dixie Rd., are just glad it was not another gunfire incident.

“We have had four shootings there already,” said Deputy Chief Nick Milinovich.

And up until Friday, they have retrieved six illegal handguns.

“It’s very concerning,” said Milinovich.

Police felt they needed to take action. Unable to close to the club themselves, police put out a message to the community expressing how dangerous this place has become.

Seems some did not listen. Just hours after issuing the warning, members of Peel’s STEP (Strategic Tactical Enforcement Patrol) team were on the premises when they witnessed a narcotics deal in action.

“They busted it up and found the gun,” said a police source, who added they were not surprised.

With seven guns retrieved there in 2022, clearly there is a major problem.

For now, HER is still open for business. Police want people to know there could be a health risk by partying there.

“It’s not safe,” said Staff Supt. Sean McKenna. “The increasing number of violent incidents and incidents involving firearms at this location represent a significant risk for public safety. We are working, and will continue to work with our partners to ensure the safety of everyone.”

Billed as a modern-day adult entertainment club, combined with a dance club with bottle service, dance performances and other high-end hospitality offerings, HER is drawing some clientele that has neighbouring businesses and police worried.

“The frequency and severity (of the guns and shootings) led police take to take the action of trying to protect people,” said Insp. Raj Biring.

They didn’t even hide the fact that they would be doing this. But someone allegedly carrying a gun came anyway.

In a statement, HER management said they have “fully cooperated with and responded to all requests for assistance from Peel Regional Police. This cooperation has ensured safety within the club with no incidents of violence. We will continue to work with the police and regulators to secure a safe environment for patrons and the public both inside and outside the club.”

While one person allegedly carrying a gun didn’t get that message, he may when he finds himself before the courts on gun charges and potentially back in prison for federal parole violations.

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