Who was Abdullah Kose Mihal?

Kose Mihal was the Byzantine governor of Harmankaya and was ethnically Greek. His original name was “Michael Kosses”.

Mihal also eventually gained control of Lefke, Mekece, and Akhisar.

He is considered to be the first significant Byzantine renegade and convert to Islam to enter Ottoman Ghazi service.

He was also known as Ghazi Mihal and Abdullah Mihal Ghazi.

Even before his conversion to Islam, Mihal had a brotherly relationship with the Ottoman leader, Osman Ghazi.

He was an ally of Osman and his people in war, and also acted as a leader of the local Greek population.

Additionally, he acted as a consultant and diplomatic agent for Osman.

He played a significant role in the creation of the Ottoman state.

He also took part in the conquest of Bursa and conducted the negotiations between the Byzantine Tekfur and Orhan Gazi before the conquest.