How Weight Loss Battle Landed Me in Hospital – Real Warri Pikin


Weight loss is not easy, and one woman who is coming out now to share her journey through it is Nigerian comedian, Real Warri Pikin.

In a new Youtube video, Real Warri Pikin opens up about how her battle with weight loss landed her in several hospitals. Here’s what Real Warri Pikin had to say.

Speaking about how her weight loss battles landed her in hospitals, Real Warri Pikin said:

REAL WARRI PIKIN: 2019, I remember one time, Bovi Man on Fire Warri. Me and Mr. Jollof do red carpet host. After we finish red carpet, I say make I go upstairs go greet bros Bovi. Immediately, na so I fall. Ah ah. Na so them rush me, pour water for my face and everything, I no fit breathe. Step just to climb upstairs go greet bros na how I no fit breathe again, I just fall. As I reach back house, I go hospital say “see wetin happen to me oh”. They said you need to be working out, that my blood vessels dey narrow, that I still get cholesterol problem, fat too dey my body, come pack drugs give me, say make I dey waka, make I dey exercise, make I dey mind wetin I dey chop. I still try do work out that period, the thing go reduce small, sometimes e go come back again because the discipline no dey to take chop right. 2020 come happen, pandemic. I started working out, sometimes I go chop better food, sometimes I go chop yeye food, because the discipline no dey. Na so I do work out, do do do, chop vegetable, small time again, I go swallow akpu, pounded yam, everything. It got to a point I became so sick, they come admit me for hospital. Only me dey get serious migraine back to back, breathlessness, severe knee pain, chest go dey pain me, cholesterol. 2021, I go do Comedy Nites with IK Osakioduwa. That particular season, I suppose perform. I come go Lagos go perform oh, I dey for backstage, they wan mic me, I no fit stand up. Eye dey turn me. I became so weak. They had to bring wheelchair because I no fit waka, na so them carry me go hospital. 2022, I became so big. In a week, I must go hospital. Na that same time AY dey do one show called “Call to Bar”, I dey season 1. They wan come shoot season 2, them book flight for me. I reach airport, I could not fly. Na from VIP Lounge dem rush me go hospital.

Losing weight hard oh! In short, it’s the hardest thing because when you grow up from when you dey chop anything you like, na for old age you wan come dey learn left hand? E dey hard na. It is such a difficult task.

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