My Friend’s Father Owns Big Brother Naija – Kiddwaya


Big Brother Naija housemate and son of Nigerian businessman Terry Waya, Kiddwaya is speaking about his short time on the Big Brother All Stars tv show. During a new interview with Zikoko, the braggadocios housemate opened up about why he decided to come back to the show, if he had any strategy going in, and how he feels about being evicted so early. During the course of his talking, Kidd also opened up about how his friend’s father owns Big Brother Naija and how that affected his decision to return to the house. Here’s what Kiddwaya had to say.

Speaking about why he came back on the Big Brother Naija show, how his friend’s father owns the show, if he had any strategy, and how he feels to be out so early, Kiddwaya revealed saying:

KIDDWAYA: This is the biggest platform in all of Africa, a platform that made me, a platform I’m very grateful for. A platform that my friend’s dad owns. So when they come calling, I’m loyal. I’m happy to come and give a good show, and to make you know, everyone happy including myself. So I have that respect for the magnitude of the platform. It’s huge.

I had no strategy till we got the rule book during lockdown which changed my strategy because one of the things Big Brother said was that there would be no embargo on conspiracy which means you would be allowed to discuss nominations, and discuss pretty much anything. So once I saw that, I said “ha! omo na game we dey play oh, so make I run am”.

I didn’t expect to be out this early but I feel good about it because there were times when I was getting bored and there were times when I felt like ah, this thing e don tey. But as I always say, God’s time is the best timing and I’ve done this twice, and I have been lucky enough to be blessed twice by the show. So whether it’s one week, sixteen weeks, two weeks, five weeks, I am happy, and I’m grateful. And now life starts, and we keep things moving.

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