On Tuesday, the presidents of Brazil and France revealed a joint initiative to invest $1.1 billion in the Amazon region, which also encompasses French Guiana.

The meeting between the presidents of France and Brazil resulted in the announcement of a significant investment plan totaling $1.1 billion for the Amazon region, including areas within neighboring French Guiana




President Emmanuel Macron and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva unveiled the initiative on Tuesday, outlining a collaborative effort to safeguard the Amazon rainforest over the next four years. The funding, sourced from both state-run Brazilian banks and France’s investment agency, will be supplemented by private resources, as stated in a joint declaration by the two nations.



Macron’s visit to Brazil marks an effort to mend ties and enhance cooperation, particularly in environmental protection and trade, following strained relations during the tenure of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.


Commencing his trip in Belem, a city situated in the heart of the Amazon, Macron engaged in discussions with Lula and embarked on a journey to Combu island to confer with Indigenous leaders. However, the visit was met with protests from Greenpeace Brazil, advocating against oil exploration in the region, a contentious issue amid discussions about potential drilling near Belem.



Addressing the importance of rainforest preservation, Lula emphasized the need for collaboration among nations, urging those responsible for deforestation to support efforts to conserve remaining forests.

Macron’s agenda excluded discussions regarding a potential European trade deal with Mercosur, underscoring his concerns over environmental and health standards. Instead, the focus remained on bolstering rainforest protection and fostering cooperation on climate change and poverty alleviation, with upcoming events such as the Group of 20 summit and UN climate talks in Brazil drawing attention to these issues.


The visit also saw Macron awarding the Legion of Honor medal to Indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire for his dedication to rainforest conservation, symbolizing the shared commitment of France and Brazil to safeguarding the Amazon.

In subsequent engagements, including the launch of a diesel-powered submarine and meetings with Brazilian investors, Macron and Lula aimed to strengthen ties and set a joint agenda to address pressing global challenges.


On Wednesday, Macron and Lula proceeded with their agenda, inaugurating a diesel-powered submarine constructed in Brazil with French technology at the Itaguai shipyard near Rio de Janeiro. This collaboration not only highlights the technological partnership between the two nations but also underscores their shared commitment to maritime security.

Following the submarine launch, Macron directed his attention to Sao Paulo, where he engaged with Brazilian investors to explore opportunities for economic cooperation and investment. These discussions are pivotal in fostering mutual prosperity and deepening economic ties between France and Brazil.

Thursday’s itinerary brings Macron to Brasilia for another meeting with Lula, continuing their dialogue on key issues such as climate change, poverty alleviation, and regional stability. These discussions are crucial as both countries prepare to host significant international gatherings, reinforcing their roles as influential actors on the global stage.

The ongoing collaboration between France and Brazil reflects a commitment to shared values and objectives, transcending political differences and historical tensions. Through diplomatic engagement and practical cooperation, both nations strive to address pressing challenges and seize opportunities for mutual advancement.


As Macron’s visit draws to a close, the outcomes of these discussions are anticipated to lay the groundwork for future collaboration, underlining the importance of sustained dialogue and partnership in addressing complex global issues.