How I Permanently Damaged My Hand Because of Fight – Burna Boy


One of the many reasons people are advised to avoid fighting and violence is because it can sometimes lead to injuries or damages that can last a lifetime. During a new interview with Complex, Nigerian singer Burna Boy is opening up about how he is hand is now messed up forever because of a fight he got into. Here is what Burna Boy had to say about the whole thing.

During his interview, Burna Boy was asked “What happened to your hand. Is it okay now or is it still messed up?” to which he responded:

BURNA BOY: It’s messed up forever. How do you know this?! It happened when I had grown up – I wouldn’t say grown up, but I wasn’t a kid – I was like in my teenage years and I did used to fight a bit.

“Defending yourself?”

BURNA BOY: Uhhh, nah. I can’t just come out and lie because there were real people that were really there.

“Did you ever lose a fight, or were you undefeated?”

BURNA BOY: No, I did. Of course I lost. Only once I can really remember. I remember I was winning, until I got hit. And it’s like all I remember is waking up. It’s not even like I got put out, it wasn’t even his punch. The thing is that he hit me and then I hit my head on something – it was a bunk bed, that I hit my head on.

“You kinda briefly spoke about [the hand injury] on your last album, didn’t you? ‘Glory’?”


BURNA BOY: Oh shit, yeah. I wasn’t expecting you to get it. A lot of people still don’t get it, which is good for me.

“You spoke about your time when you were away somewhere and you had a little altercation, and somebody came off of a landing unto another. Was that the specific fight [that caused the hand injury]?”

BURNA BOY: Yeah, that’s actually the one.

For reference, the fight Burna Boy is referring to is the one he sang about in his song “Glory” where he said:

I remember when they shipped me from the cans

To Chelmsford HMP and my celly had it bad

So I had to have his back, niggas started fightin’

Then they cut me on my hand

So I grabbed one from the back and I flung him off the landing

You know the screws get extra ruthless when you’re Black

Layin’ on my back, now the block’s feelin’ mad

Now I’m in a lab tryna do the best I can

It was during that fight that Burna Boy messed up his hand forever.

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