5 Reasons I Said Yes to Marrying Kazim Adeoti – Mercy Aigbe


Opening one’s heart to love is a very scary thing, especially when one has opened their hearts before and been burned by the experience. Often, when people come out of relationships, especially marriages, saying yes again down the road becomes harder because of what the person experienced in the first marriage. When a person to says yes to marriage again after experiencing divorce, we as people are always curious to know why, and what about this new person made them say yes.

Mercy Aigbe got divorced from her first husband, Lanre Gentry, in 2017 and four years later, got married to her current husband Kazim Adeoti. Now during a new interview with The Punch, Mercy Aigbe is opening up about 5 reasons she said yes to marrying Kazim. Here’s what Mercy said.

Speaking about why she loves her husband and said yes to marrying him, Mercy Aigbe revealed saying:

MERCY AIGBE: 1. I like his smile and dark skin.

2. He is a very wise person, who communicates a lot. I believe that communication is key in relationship, because it helps understanding. I don’t like people that don’t talk. If you don’t talk, I wouldn’t know how you are feeling or what you want me to do.

3. I also like the fact that he is very understanding. Whenever he feels that he is wrong, he apologizes. He is not the typical Nigerian man, who has a big ego. He is not egoistic, though he is strict. I like the fact that he is strict, because I like people that have morals and values. I am very stubborn, and he is also stubborn. However, we respect each other’s opinions, and we don’t argue unnecessarily. Rather, we argue sensibly, and then we don’t look down on each other. Whenever anyone of us makes a point, we both think about it, and figure out the best way to do things. Our relationship is built on mutual understanding and respect, and that has been helping us. He is actually a very understanding person, and he is not the bossy type. He is a good listener, and that makes him a good leader. Whenever I talk, he listens. He tries to reason with me, and we meet in the middle.

4. Also, he is a great dad, who loves children. He loves to make the people around him comfortable. He is selfless as well. To cap it up, he is a fine man.

5. Beyond all that, I like his person

The two are so clearly in love and flaunt their love all over social media every chance that they get. It is good to see a person opening their heart up to love again after divorce, and thriving. What do you think about what Mercy Aigbe said?