2 Reasons Why I Think Marriage Is Overrated – Zicsaloma


Nigerian actor, businessman, and skitmaker Zicsaloma is taking on a new role and that is the role of *drumroll*, podcaster.

Zicsaloma is now the host of a podcast called “Tell Your Story” and during a new episode of the podcast, Zic gave his thoughts on why he believes marriage is overrated. The revelation happened after Zicsaloma read a story of a man whose wife begun mistreating him after he lost his job and the title of being breadwinner in his family. In reaction to this story, Zicsaloma shared his personal opinions on why he believes marriage is overrated and gave 2 reasons why he thinks so. Here is what Zicsaloma had to say about marriage.

Speaking about the reasons why he believes marriage is overrated during the podcast, Zicsaloma spoke saying:

ZICSALOMA: Personally, it’s my opinion. I feel marriage is overrated. If you’re not prepared for marriage, you don’t need to rush into marriage.

1. I’ve seen it happen several times even with many of my friends and university coursemates where some men, once they get a job – like for instance, you just get a job, you’ve never earned before and you just get a job of N100k. The next thing is to get married. Do you know in that kind of situation, you may never be able to save. Because once you get married, you have a wife who might be dependent on you. Immediately you born pikin, you start paying school fees, you may never save.

2. As a single person, you can easily plan alone. One of my friends told me, and I quite agree with him, that sometimes even your family members should not know what you earn. Because if them know wetin you earn, they feel entitled to 80% of your salary, and the poverty cycle, it continues. But if you know what you’re going for, you’re investing, you have your savings. But once you marry, once your family members know your earning, you might never be able to save.

So in summary, he thinks marriage is overrated because it doesn’t allow a person opportunity to save and invest. What do you think about what Zicsaloma said and his reasons for why he believes marriage is overrated? Do you agree with him? Do you disagree?