Lucy Reveals 4 Behind The Scenes Secrets from Big Brother

Big Brother Naija All Star housemate, Lucy, is opening up about her time on the Big Brother All Star season, as well as sharing some behind the scenes tea and stories about the franchise, her experience before and after the show, and more during a new interview with Pulse. Here’s 4 things Lucy revealed during the interview.

1. It’s Very Difficult to Mind Your Business in the House

Speaking about this, Lucy said:

LUCY: Staying out of people’s business is so difficult because as you’re passing, you’re hearing things and you know that if you put mouth, it will explode. And you don’t know who is beefing who and who is against who, who is with who, so you know, the gist no complete. So it’s so difficult to mind your business because the gist is loud. They’re not saying it and trying to whisper, you will pass and you will be hearing the complete gist. It is really difficult to mind your business in that house.

2. Production Once Had to Hide Knives During a Big Brother Season

Speaking about this, Lucy said:

LUCY: The madness for me was when I don’t know who came out and said they had knives hidden during their parties – I think during “Level Up” or something. I was like “you say?” They said yes, they used to hide their knives. You mean you people were that violent against each other that they hid knives? We, on our season, never experienced that or maybe we never noticed. Omo knife! You would actually stab someone? Wow!

3. Her House Rent Was N280k/Yr When She Competed on Her First Season

Speaking about this, Lucy said:

LUCY: In the space of three years, you’re a different person, like it or not. So [coming back to the show], I couldn’t have been the person I was. Plus, I’m richer. I mean, richer than I was during Lockdown. When I entered that house, my rent was N280,000 a year. You don’t want to know my rent now my brother!

4. The One Thing She’ll Miss From The Show Is Big Brother’s Voice

Speaking about this, Lucy said:

LUCY: One thing I will miss about Big Brother is Big Brother’s voice. Like, it’s soothing. Ah, that voice! Even if you were angry when you entered that diary room, once you just hear that voice, you will just forget everything.

What did you think of Lucy’s time during Big Brother?