How I Feel About Turning 40, Still Acting Same Roles – Ime Bishop


Nollywood actor Ime Bishop Umoh known popularly by many as Okon Lagos is one comedic actor that has spent over a decade working in the entertainment industry. For many years now, and in many movies and series, Ime Bishop has played similar or same roles where he is the comic relief often called “Okon” from Akwa Ibom. Now, the actor has turned 40 years old and during a new interview with The Punch, Ime Bishop opened up about how he feels being 40, and how he feels about being stereotyped and still acting the same types of roles. Here’s what Ime Bishop Umoh said.

When asked how how he’s seeing 40 so far seeing that he recently celebrated his birthday days ago, Ime Bishop Umoh said:

IME BISHOP UMOH: It has been said that life begins at 40. So, it calls for deeper reflection on my life, successes, failures, and ups and downs. I will also be looking at some adjustments I can make to be a better person. I don’t think there is any age I would get to and feel that I have done enough for myself. I am always going to be hungry and be a greater person than I was the day before. I constantly improve on the things I have done to become even better. I am a teachable person. and I learn every day. I am not afraid to make mistakes.

When asked how he feels about being stereotyped and still acting the same types of roles in Nollywood, Ime Bishop Umoh said:

IME BISHOP UMOH: In whatever one does, one of the most fundamental interests should be economical. The point to note is if it makes financial and economic common sense. It (stereotype roles) is about demand and supply. What does my audience want to see, and what am I ‘supplying’? It is the entertainment business. Who do I need to convince that I am an all-round actor? If I need to prove to people that I am a round character, how does it translate into naira and kobo?

So from this answer, it looks like Ime Bishop Umoh has no problems playing the same types of roles as long as it’s what his audience wants to see from him and is what brings him money.